News 2018 – NIHR Stillbirth project

21 December 2018

NIHR Stillbirth project Quarterly Newsletter – Issue n. 3

Available here

19 December 2018

NIHR project update: Stakeholders meeting in Zambia with active participation of the Ministry of Health!

September 2018

NIHR Stillbirth project Quarterly Newsletter – Issue n. 2 

Read it here: Quarterly Newsletter Sept 2018 issue 2

23-24 August 2018

Great participation of LAMRN Uganda at the 2018 Annual Scientific Conference of the Association of Obstetricans and Gynaecologist of Uganda

Elizabeth Ayebare and Enid Mwebaza presented the NIHR Project on Stillbirth Prevention and Management in Sub-Saharan Africa!

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13-15 August 2018

Visit to Mansa (Zambia) to meet RAs Kutemba Lyangenda and Khuzuet Tuwele and review REDCap to start data collection at Mansa General Hospital! Office set up and RAs committeed!!!

09-10 August 2018

Short visit to Mwanza (Tanzania) for in-depth training on REDCap to start data collection at Bugando Medical Centre! Flora Kuzenza, Happyness Shayo and Debora Kimaro are now full on board with transfer of records!

26- 27 July 2018

Successful meeting of the Advisory Board of the NIHR Stillbirth Group in Manchester (UK)

NIHR Group with Advisory Board

25 June 2018

Successful start of NIHR GHG Stillbirth project workshop with RAs and In-country Lead in Malawi

Partners countries presented their project updates, challenges encountered and discussed with colleagues about strategies to overcome common issues! 

19 June 2018

Global Women’s Research Society Conference on going in Cambridge

Among keynote speakers Prof Angela Chimwaza (LAMRN lead in Malawi), Chair of session, Prof Dame Tina Lavender (Director of Centre for Global Women Health, University of Manchester) and Dr Tracey Mills (Senior Lecturer, University of Manchester.

08 June 2018

International Stillbirth Alliance Conference

Prof Dame Tina Lavender presenting the work of the NIHR Global Health Research Group on Stillbirth Prevention and Management in Sub-Saharan Africa, with focus on Providing humane care for women following stillbirth 

14 May 2018

NIHR Stillbirth project updates: Dr Sabina Wakasiaka heading to Tanzania for training of RAs in Mwanza Region!

From right, Prof Rose Laisser followed by RAs Happyness, Flora and Deborah


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