Work Streams

Work-streams correspond to the areas of care, which will be explored using different research methodologies across the six LAMRN countries (table below)

Country involved Area of research Research methodology  Leader and team involved
WS1 Zimbabwe Prevention and detection: Identifying causes and associated risk factors  of stillbirths Prospective cohort study Rebecca Smyth (Lead)

Alex Heazell

Kushupika Dube (Zbw)

WS2 Tanzania


Childbirth care: understand complexities surrounding delays in effective intrapartum care Mix method study Tina Lavender (Lead)

Carol Bedwell

Rose Laisser (Tz)

Chowa Tembo (Zb)

WS3 Kenya


Respectful and supportive care after stillbirth: explore experience of women, families and health workers of care and emotional support after stillbirth Qualitative study Tracey Mills (Lead)

Tina Lavender

Elizabeth Ayebare (Ug)

Grace Omoni (Ky)

WS4 Malawi Prevention and detection: explore current clinical practices in intrapartum care to identify areas for quality improvement Clinical Audit Rebecca Smyth (Lead)

Valentina Actis Danna

Angela Chimwaza (Mw)

WS5 All 6 countries Quality of care: explore women’s experiences of maternity care received Survey / Mix – method Sabina Wakasiaka (Lead)

Valentina Actis Danna

SB project lead in Africa

WS6 All 6 countries Explore the processes necessary for positive patient and public involvement in low income settings Mix – Method study Carol Bedwell (Lead)

Sabina Wakasiaka

SB project lead in Africa

WS7 Zambia, Malawi, Tanzania Zimbabwe Explore bereavement care in the other LAMRN countries (linked to WS3) Qualitative study Tracey Mills (Lead)

Tina Lavender

SB project lead in Africa


















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