About Us

LAMRN is a network dedicated to improving maternal health outcomes in Africa through increasing evidence-based practice in midwifery.

LAMRN aims to support midwifery research, information sharing, networking and training activities in six countries in the region namely, Kenya, Malawi, Zambia, Uganda, Zimbabwe and Tanzania.Working across the six countries LAMRN brings together a large network of dedicated midwifery researchers, teachers and practitioners.

The priority areas of LAMRN include:

  • Supporting senior midwifery partners to develop research leadership skills
  • Working with  midwives in target countries to identify country-level maternal health research priorities
  • Providing training Midwives for six countries to improve evidence-based practice skills
  • Developing a mentorship system for midwives to develop research projects in priority areas such as reduction of obstructed labour or postpartum haemorrhage.

The network is based on a rich partnership model that encourages research skills and knowledge sharing through direct programmes as well as an innovative mentorship progamme referred to as the buddy system.

The buddy system will ensure that midwifery research coordinators in the target countries partner with experienced counterparts in universities in the UK to support knowledge sharing and skills transfer.

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