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                                                                THE 2nd TRIENNIAL CONFERENCE OF

                                      THE LUGINA AFRICA MIDWIVES RESEARCH NETWORK (LAMRN)

                                                                 DATES: 27th to 28th June 2018

                                            VENUE:  UMODZI PARK HOTEL, LILONGWE, MALAWI



                                                                    THE CONFERENCE THEME

                                                            Strengthening Reproductive Health                    

                                                                            Concept Paper




The Lugina Africa Midwives Research Network (LAMRN is a network of nursing/ midwifery and other reproductive health researchers, educators, practitioners, policy makers and other health partners.  The network is dedicated to improving reproductive, maternal and new born health outcomes in Africa by improving evidence based practice.



LAMRN supports midwifery research, information sharing, networking and training for Midwifery practitioners.



Lamrn has a strong presence in six Sub-Saharan countries namely: Malawi, Kenya, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Tanzania and Uganda. For many years, the University of Manchester (UK) has continued to support Lamrn Midwives across Africa.


Although LAMRN is operational in the 6 countries afore mentioned, new entrants can derive considerable benefit from utilising our online resources available at the LAMRN website at no cost.  By choosing to attend the Upcoming LAMRN conference in Malawi, you will be sharing experiences with Midwives and researchers from many countries.

The Network plays a key role in building research capacity for young Midwifery/Nurse practitioners in Africa.  This is achieved through innovative mentorship approaches focusing on young African Midwives. We envision a future where African Midwives are Leads in ground breaking research, a great step towards achieving SDGs.



  • Supporting senior reproductive health and Midwifery partners to develop research leadership skills.
  • Working with Nurse/Midwives in identifying country-level reproductive health and maternal health research priorities.
  • Providing training for Nurse/Midwives to improve evidence-based practice skills.
  • Developing research projects in priority areas such as reduction of obstructed labour, still births, postpartum haemorrhage, puerperal sepsis, obstetric fistula, gender equality and empowerment of women.



The LAMRN triennial conference brings together delegates to share best practice, gain insights from inspirational keynote speakers and promote the professional status of reproductive health and Midwifery in Africa.  It provides a direct channel to disseminate research findings that will guide evidence based practice for improving care and outcomes for women and their families in Africa. The benefits derived from the conference will be consolidated at a post-conference workshop attended by stake holders to decide the network’s strategy and agenda for the next two years.


PLANNED ACTIVITIES:The conference will be hosted in 3 phases:                                                                             1. Pre-Conference Workshop: 25th and 26th June 2018: To be attended by LAMRN project                  partners.

             2. The Main Conference:

                 27th and 28th 2018: To be attended by all researchers, policy makers, educators, practitioners,                       and other health partners from all of African and beyond.

            3. Post Conference

               29th June 2018: To be attended by LAMRN country leads and partners and the organizing team.

The organizing team include: LAMRN leadership in Malawi, Manchester Team (UK), Tanzania, Uganda, Zimbabwe, Zambia and Kenya.



Innovations for improving reproductive health                                 


Theme 1: Strengthening Reproductive Health and Midwifery practice

Theme 2: Strengthening health systems in Reproductive Health

Theme 3: Innovations in reproductive, maternal, newborn adolescent and public health


The conference aims at attracting delegates from countries around the world: who have interests in service delivery, policy and researchers in reproductive and maternal health. Early career researchers are particularly encouraged to attend and optimize on our mentorship programs.



Sessions will be held through plenary sessions and abstract presentations. National and international organisations working in the area of reproductive, maternal, newborn adolescent and public health improvements are invited to sponsor sessions and use the opportunity to educate, train or update delegates on new knowledge, promote best practices and products on the thematic issues.  Policy makers, program managers and researchers are also invited to contribute and share experiences, evidence and best practices



  • Evidence reported on latest reproductive, midwifery and public health research findings.
  • Information and education provided by and for reproductive health, midwifery and public health practitioners.
  • Lively debates on current and emerging topics in adolescent, reproductive, maternal and new born health.
  • Engagement of policy makers to implement adolescent, reproductive, maternal and new born health research findings.
  • Strategic direction for sustainable quality adolescent, reproductive, maternal and new born healthcare developed.
  • Creating and Strengthening research collaborations regionally and internationally.



Participants’ fee (excluding travel, accommodation and subsistence) is as follows:

International delegates USD 300

Delegates from Africa USD 200

International students USD 150

Undergraduates USD 100



Participants are required to register on line in advance. There will be an early – bird discount of 50 USD on all online registration received earlier than 31st  March 2018.


We invite organisations to sponsor Nurses / Midwives as delegates to this conference: they will have an opportunity to present papers as well as join others in sharing/learning sessions.



To exhibit products, you will be required to pay fees as following:

  1. Local business exhibitors: USD 75
  2. International exhibitors: USD 150

Each individual manning the exhibition stall will pay a registration fee of USD 30 per day.
The monies will cover refreshments and lunch per day.



For more information please visit LAMRN website or:



Prof. Grace Omoni:


LAMRN Lead for Malawi

Prof. Angela Chimwaza:


LAMRN Scientific Committee Lead

Dr. Sabina

Dr. Kondwani Wella:


Conference Logistics

Diffie Chilemba: Tel: +265 995290393

Claire Wanjiku: Tel: +254 713693766




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