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08 October 2018

LAMRN Zimbabwe is promoting higher education among its members: Mrs Kushupika Dube recently travelled to Manchester to start her PhD in Midwifery, focusing on women’s experience of stillbirth in Zimbabwe. She had a 3 weeks induction at the University of Manchester to learn about the online platform, receive refresher sessions about research methodologies and meet with supervisors. The LAMRN team will support her along the path to ensure  full accomplishment!

05 October 2018

Great participation of LAMRN to the THET Conference 2018, at Imperial College London, on 28th September 2018.

Professor Dame Tina Lavender and Kushupika Dube presented a poster –  “From evidence to implementation: the benefits of long-term health partnership” –  and actively contributed to panel’s discussions sharing their experience within LAMRN. 









01 October 2018

LAMRN continues promoting capacity building of its members: Anne Nendela (LAMRN Kenya) and Chowa Tembo Kasengele (LAMRN Zambia) officially started their MSc in Clinical research at the University of Manchester.During the induction week, they were introduced to the contents of the master, the use of the online platform and they had the opportunity to meet with their supervisors. The UK team supported them in scheduling their work along with ensuring their engagement with other LAMRN students. 

LAMRN team gather together to celebrate this start and to wish them every sucess!  




28 September 2018

LAMRN Conference report finally available!  Click here to read





17 September 2018

The LAMRN family congratulates Dr Weston Khisa for the Maternal Health Visionary Awards 2018, assigned for his significant impact on advancing maternal health worlwide.

The award was assigned on 17 September 2018 during the Global Maternal Health Symposium, organised by the Maternal Health Task Force at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health in Boston, MA

Read more here

06-07 September 2018

Great participation of LAMRN Kenya – Prof Grace Omoni and Anne Nendela to Scientific Conference of the East, central and soouther Africa College of Nursing (ECSACON)! Anne Nendela presented the study on “Parent’s and health workers experiences of care ans support after stillbirth in Kenya!

23 July 2018

For Delegates only: Presentations and poster’s materials available to download here (through password)

19 July 2018

The LAMRN family congratulates with to Dr Weston Khisa for the award of his PhD!!!

Dr Weston Khisa with examiners

Dr Weston Khisa with supervisors Dame Tina (left) and Dr Malcom Campbell (right)





13 June 2018

LAMRN Conference 2018 – Evaluation form available for all candidates who participated! Please provide your feedback to the Conference!

28th June 2018

First lady calls for research investment at LAMRN conference

Read the full article here

June 2018

LAMRN partners together handing over the LAMRN Chair to Prof Angela Chimwaza!

27th June 2018

Successful opening of the LAMRN Conference 2018 by Her Excellency Prof Gertrude Mutharika, the First Lady of Malawi




25 June 2018

REGISTRATION  for the LAMRN Conference 2018 will start Wed 27th June at the entrance of Banquet Hall (Umodzi Park) from 7.30 to 8.15 AM.

A Reception desk will be set up at the Banquet Hall in order to process your registration

The opening ceremony will be held at the AUDITORIUM, from 8 am, where LAMRN Conference 2018 will be inaugurated by the First Lady


03-05 May 2018

LAMRN Country Lead, Ms Enid Mwebaza and PPI lead Ms Marion Okello attended the IDM symphosium at Ntare School in Mbarara district, Western Uganda. It was an opportunity to share with midwives the work of LAMRN in the region.

03 May 2018

International Day of Midwives 2019: Khuzuet Tuwele and Kutemba Lyangenda presented the work of LAMRN across the region, during the event organised by the Midwives Association of Zambia. 

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