From the LAMRN Project Lead


Dear Colleagues,

It gives me great pleasure to welcome you to the first LAMRN conference, which is being held in the honor of the late Professor Helen Lugina, a remarkable midwifery leader. It is therefore very appropriate that the event is being hosted in her home country, Tanzania.lead

Over the last two years, I have had the privilege of working withhighly committed midwives from Kenya, Malawi, Uganda, Zimbabwe Zambia and Tanzania, who have made many sacrifices to engage in the LAMRN project. During the last two years, midwives have engaged in evidence-based-practice and conducted their own clinically meaningful research. This conference will showcase some of the fantastic research that has been carried out. Furthermore, it will demonstrate the development of the individual midwives, many of whom had not previously conducted any research.

As the Director of the Centre for Global Women’s Health, in the University of Manchester, I have been honored to have the opportunity tocollaborate with the six Focal leads. However, LAMRN is an open network, and as we as we move forward I wouldlike to encourage further collaborations, beyond the six countries mentioned. We are a community of midwives, and together we can achieve a lot for women and their families.

I hope that you all enjoy the conference and are stimulated by the inspiring presentations and academic debate. Importantly, I also hope that you will take what you have learnt back to your working environment to influence practice, policy and teaching. Additionally, I hope you will all take the opportunity to network with each other, so that experiences can be shared and lessons learnt.

Finally, I hope that each and every one of you will have some fun at this conference, making new friends and enjoying the fabulous hospitality that Tanzania has to offer.

Very Kind Regards




Professor Dame Tina Lavender
Professor of Midwifery/Director of the Centre for Global Women’s Health
University of Manchester, UK

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